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How we support the planet, our employees, and customers

EGG is committed to being a good global citizen.


As an agency, we strive to improve the health of the planet through environmentally-conscious practices and programs, and seek to operate in a socially responsible and ethical manner.  We are committed to creating a global environment in which all people live healthy, productive lives, now and in the future.

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Priority issues


Making Egg a model for wellness and sustainability awareness

  • Providing a framework that promotes the well-being of the staff and to monitor their evolution.

  • Training Egg employees in sustainability

  • Ensuring well-being and inclusion in our practices


Optimize EGG's performance to maximize its outreach potential

  • Economic performance
    and organization

  • Purchasing performance by establishing responsible purchasing

  • Engage the entire EGG ecosystem


Designing our events sustainably throughout the entire event cycle

  • Integrating eco-design for our events right from the project briefing

  • Limiting and managing waste

  • Using the carbon footprint to reduce the impact of physical, hybrid
    or digital events

EGG is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and a signatory of France’s diversity charter.

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