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EGG is an event communication agency like no other:

International in essence 

independent by will

quirky by nature


At EGG, we do things well, we know it, but we don’t crow about it.

This operational excellence enables us to be and act outside the box.

We know how to design the best frame for your events, how to make them meaningul and surprising.

We are fun to be with:

we make things happen, design the best human encounters and facilitate genuine people connections.

We believe that the more the world becomes digital, the more people need to experience things together. It is what gets us out of bed every morning and gives us the will to always improve ourselves:


We are EGG.

Because we are just like our namesake, we are imperfectly perfect

The participants’ energythe stakeholders’ smiles.

These are the best rewards for time spent working on creating their unique experiences

and it happens naturally, playfully, without taking ourselves too seriously…

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